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One of the first products I wanted to share with you guys is the Genteel lancet. Take a deep breath before I tell you its price… $99 (via Amazon). HOWEVER, for my 9 month old… it’s worth every penny. Its difference from other lancets is that it doesn’t hit the nerves in his tiny toes (or wherever we choose to test him) and therefore doesn’t cause pain. No joke, he doesn’t even flinch when we test his sugar now! For his tiny toes, we only have to use the very first color, which is blue. Depending on how large an area is being tested and how deep you have to go to get a testable drop of blood, there are larger “rings” that go on the top of the lancet. So eventually, if Carter isn’t producing enough blood to be tested with the blue ring, we can go up to the next size. There are 6 colored rings total. It works best with the Butterfly lancets, which are decently cheap ($8.50 for 100, we get them even cheaper since they are now on our Subscribe & Save list!). The ONLY drawback I’ve seen from it is that it can create a bigger hole. Carter has moved at the last second – not from pain but because he doesn’t like being held still – and the lancet has essentially sliced across his toe instead of making a small hole. So just be careful! And always make sure the rubber ring is on the top – we made the mistake of almost testing Carter without noticing he’d taken the rubber ring off when we weren’t looking! The ring is how the lancet determines how far down in the skin to go to get blood – without it, I can imagine the person might feel some pain!

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