SPOTLIGHT: Spinocerralum Ataxia

The above photo is a recent custom order completed for a gentleman with a rare diagnosis of Spinocerralum Ataxia. I, myself, had never heard of this particular disease, though it has caused this man to rely on both a wheelchair and a walker to get through his days. In addition to helping to make his awareness products for this disease, I wanted to showcase some information on it as well. I thank him sincerely for allowing me the opportunity to learn about something new and share my newfound knowledge with my followers :) 

Taken from the website: 

"Ataxia is a degenerative disease of the nervous system. Many symptoms of Ataxia can mimic those of being drunk – slurred speech, stumbling, falling, and incoordination. All are related to degeneration of the part of the brain, called the cerebellum, that is responsible for coordinating movement. Ataxia is a disease that affects people of all ages. Age of symptom-onset can vary widely, from childhood to late-adulthood. Complications from the disease are serious, oftentimes debilitating, and can be life-shortening" (2017).

Please click HERE to learn more about Ataxia