Growing up T1

"It will get easier"... I'm sure this is said to everyone. I'm sure it is actually true for most people. For some, maybe it doesn't get easier, but it gets more manageable. For others, maybe managing diabetes does get easier. They get the hang of proper dosing and ever-changing variants for blood sugar lows and highs, etc. For us, it's both. As our one year old gets older, his diabetes will get easier in the sense that it will become more black and white for treatment decisions. It will become more manageable as his eating and activity is more reliable.

But right now, I get tons of tips and tricks and suggestions on how to best manage Carter. They see my social media accounts documenting super high-highs and plunging lows and want to offer everything from low carb to prebolusing. And while they are all with the best of intentions, we've resolved ourselves (as our Endo has advised) that we just have to take Carter's treatment one day at a time for now. There is no actual course of action we can take for him just yet. His doses change SO frequently - as in, every 48-72 hours - literally. His body has so many growth spurts throughout a single month that it is literally impossible to keep him on a set insulin regime.

As Carter grows, here are some things I have noticed that have changed regarding his diabetes management.

  1. WALKING! Yes, Carter T is walking now at 13 months! Finally no more callused knees and dirty legs and feet- he's on the move on 2 feet! While I've waited for this day to make my life a little easier when going places with all 3 of my kids, it definitely threw a wrench in my diabetes plans. Walking is exercise! Insert a big -duhhhhhh- face! All of the sudden, I'm noticing his sugar dropping randomly. He's gotten so busy that it's almost like all the food he eats is mostly slipping right through him! So just this morning, I had a convo with our Diabetes Nurse Educator to figure out how to reduce his basal to account for his activity level and figure out a better carb ratio.

  2. SPEED! The speed at which our little guy gets around is unlike any of my other kids. When he is fixated on something, he GETS there! And with this observation comes a new problem: keeping his Dexcom receiver on him. We went to an indoor playground the other day and I had the hardest time with constant signal loss because I just couldn’t keep up with him! We use an iPhone for a Dex receiver and all the wearable pouches I found would topple my little guy over! Or he’d just pull it off and toss it aside! Thankfully, after some web browsing, we found Touch1Diabetic, who makes custom pump and phone pouches. Now I just have to make sure I pack his phone belt wherever we go so that if and when he leaves my side at least he won’t lose signal!

  3. OM-NOM-NOM! Another duhhhhh moment of mine … obviously growing up means my little guy is going to eat more! But WOW, I was not prepared for just how much that might be! It seemed like overnight we went from 10-20g at MOST meals to 30-40g meals without blinking an eye! Suddenly my half-a-waffle little man was putting down 2 solid waffles plus a yogurt cup then gesturing for milk! All carbohydrate ratios went out the window at that point. Not even upping the dose by 0.05, as we usually do on occasion, even touched the new amount of carbs his little body was packing in! Then came lunch - usually we had a pouch and maybe some watermelon and milk and he’d be good to go. Yeah right… now we were downing 45g of grilled cheese sandwich, fruit, Pirates Booty and milk! He spent days upon days in the 400-500 range before we finally got his carb ratio even slightly closer to what it needed to be. Even now, it still isn’t right. We make changes every few days, trying and trying to catch him before he spikes and we lose him off the charts for the day!

    I am sure I am in for a whole sha-bang of changes that will be brought on by Carter growing up. We haven’t even touched swimming, playing sports or even the basics of potty training yet. I’m thankful for all the tips I’ve gotten on how to manage the summertime with a T1 (that post is next!) and would love to hear some things that changed diabetes care for your T1 as they got older!

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