5 Things Every New T1D Parent Should Do After Diagnosis

I didn’t think I’d get to the point where writing this post would actually be a “thing”. I’ve struggled to come to terms with this permanent, life-long disease and what that means for my now-toddler son and our family’s future. I’ve done the “why me” and just wished for answers. Why my little boy? Why… Read More

The Lazy Pancreas that Could

I want you to think about the first time you ever drove a car. You familiarized with everything around you. Your mirrors, the feel and tilt of the steering wheel, the location of the pedals. You were decently sure you knew the basics of how to move and slow the vehicle you were being trusted… Read More

All the Feelz

One of the most optimistic parts of Carter’s diagnosis at the age of 6 months old was the fact that he didn’t feel his highs or his lows. He could be 40 or he could be 550 and you wouldn’t know a difference in our tiny infant. He’d still smile and coo as if nothing… Read More