Wednesday Gripes

By midweek… I just feel like I need a good whine. Or I need to whine about my kids who won’t stop whining over something or other. Don’t get me wrong – I know they’re kids and whining is a part of their daily life. It’s normal. But this momma has a headache!

My whine this week? I’m STILL not feeling 100% better! It’s driving me crazy. I still have the never ending stuffy nose and every time I cough I can feel the junk still in my lungs. And no amount of water or Mucinex seems to be helping.

You’re probably thinking – yeah, ok, a never ending cold. Annoying, but get over it. But my gripe extends to the fact that I’ve just dragged my overweight butt back to the gym. It’s been a long time coming and I admittedly have struggled with my weight most of my life. I’ve been overweight, super healthy and then back to overweight again.

Only this time, I knew the weight gain was something more than just neglect and stress. I could physically see my weight skyrocketing, despite my best efforts to cut calories, limit carbs and get more active. So to the doctors I went, where blood tests revealed my thyroid levels were off the charts high. I was never so grateful for something to be off on a blood panel.

Hyporthyroidism – I can deal with that. New medicine, a more active lifestyle and a healthy diet and in theory, the weight should finally have a much easier time being shed. Check out some simple tips for losing weight after hypothyroidism here! So back to the gym I’ve been… until this 2 week long upper respiratory infection.

A URI, combined with asthma, is a recipe for disaster. I tried a 30m long cardio class at the gym last week and nearly died. And my lovely little toddler had taken my Albuterol inhaler out of my purse and it was probably hanging out somewhere under the kitchen table, to boot. So when this sweaty, huffing and puffing momma needed a break for inhaler – it was gone. Lesson learned – backup inhaler is at the bottom of my purse, still in it’s box.

So I’m griping because I finally have that motivation needed to hit the gym after a day of grumpy toddlers, cooking and cleaning. And it doesn’t matter because I am still super short of breath. But today, I’m not letting this URI win and I am currently peacing out fit a weight training class ! ✌🏻

Author: Ashley Lavoie

married mother of 3 living in Southern NH with my family and 2 fur babies! Our youngest son, Carter, was diagnosed at 6 months with neonatal monogenic diabetes and thus this blog, Infants & Insulin was born. Join me on my journey in learning about diabetes management and life with a diabetic.

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