Fast Acting Carbs for a low in an Infant

Where do you keep your maple syrup? The refrigerator or the pantry? Or does your family enjoy food items with maple syrup so much that your syrup simply sits on the countertop 24/7? For me, the last option would apply the most… usually. However, recently, we ran out of glucose gel and the maple syrup became our “go-to” option for Carter if he were to hit a midnight low. A Facebook Diabetes group suggested maple syrup via syringe if needed in a pinch.


So funny story of the morning… I was making all 3 kids waffles for breakfast and realized I couldn’t find the maple syrup. I looked high and low and almost caused my four year old daughter to have a complete meltdown over lack of maple syrup. At the last moment, I realized it was downstairs, still on my nightstand. Doesn’t everyone keep a large container of unopened maple syrup on their nightstand?


Every diabetic has their “go-to” for fast-acting lows. For an infant, however, things are a little different. I can’t hand Carter a few smarties or skittles or a pixie stick when he’s low. Juice is another option I’ve seen thrown out there, but again, he’s only 10 months old. I would have never even considered giving either of my 2 other kids juice at 10 months old. Heck, they are 4 and 6 now and maybe get juice a few times a week, IF that. And yet here I am having to consider giving my 10 month old juice because he’s diabetic and needs a fast-acting glucose boost. The joys of type 1 diabetes.


So here are a few of my top fast-acting glucose boosters for INFANTS!


Gerber Yogurt Melts

This surprised Carter’s endocrinologist, but they have never failed to skyrocket Carter’s sugar within just a few minute. He loves the vanilla banana ones, but they also make mixed berry, peach and strawberry flavored ones.


Apple Juice

I didn’t say this list was my FAVORITE fast-acting lows, just our go-to ones for an infant. Undoubtedly, a few sips of apple juice will boost Carter’s sugar pretty low. We try to limit him to an ounce if we can. But begrudgingly, I’ll admit, apple juice works


Glucose Gel

Obviously this sounds like a dumb choice to put on the list. But again for older kids, loose candy or even glucose tabs are the go-to choices. For an infant, we have the gel, but it can get super messy. So I’m adding it to this list because I want to add we do glucose gel via syringe or baby spoon. They could never figure out quite how best to administer it to an infant in the hospital, so they’d resort to putting dollups of gel onto a pacifier and having him suck it off. This got the job done, but it was SUPER messy. It would be falling off the end of the pacifier and end up all over his crib, clothes, blanket, you name it. So via syringe or baby spoon works best for us.


Orange Juice

Same lines as apple juice. Via syringe, we give 5-10ml or an ounce in a sippy cup. Instant results, again I’ll begrudgingly admit.


Maple syrup

Similar to glucose gel, it is a very effective, fast-acting choice. But very, very sticky and messy if not administered correctly. Via baby spoon or syringe works best!


What are some of your favorite low boosters? How quick do they work and how do you give them?


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