Making Diabetes “Cool”

So to follow up my last post regarding that life-changing moment when I realized I was going to get “the stares” for the rest of my life when Carter was in public with all his medical diabetes gear, I wanted to find ways to make it “cool” for him growing up. Again, not to say that having to visibly wear medical gear of any sort is “uncool” or something to be ashamed about – because it most certainly is not. However, I do give so much credit to the crafty moms out there who came up with ways to make their child and teen feel more at ease by customizing all their medical gear. Even Carter’s new Genteel lancing device came with stickers to customize it!  I also just love the customization options because it will allow for more conversation about the disease as Carter grows older. Sure, he’s going to get all the questions about why he’s wearing this or that or what it does, but it might make Carter a little more comfortable if the conversation starts with “where did you get that super cool Superman pouch? What’s in it?” Just my two cents, of course! So here are a few websites I’ve come across thus far that make customizing Diabetes equipment “cool” for kids and teens!

    • She has amazing custom pouches, cases, clothing & more! I purchased several 12m “pump pants” from her for Carter to wear when he had the Medtronic pump sited on his bum! He did not have to wear a spy belt or anything else to hold the pump- the pump itself and the tubing simply went into a sewn-in pocket on the back of the pants that zippered shut and moved freely with him. My next purchase from her if Carter goes back on the Medtronic is a Mickey Mouse belt – just a little more fun to wear around than a simple black pump belt, IMO! The customer service is unbeatable and I would recommend her to anyone!

Mickey Mouse Insulin Pump Belt


    • I haven’t personally made any purchases from here yet, but I’ve explored the site and love the available options for various age groups and needs! I’ve also heard great things about the quality and customer service via Facebook groups

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