Going out anytime soon?

Ugh… can I just say that I know I never traveled light with 3 kids before… but now… wow! I can literally say that nothing in my own purse belongs to me, with the exception of my keys and wallet! But after Carter’s diagnosis, the checklist for going out with him includes so much more than just the typical baby supplies of diapers, wipes, cream, changes of clothes, etc. Though I love our Diabetes Nurse Educator, sometimes I admit I do feel a little judged when I forget something I was supposed to bring with me at all times. Last appointment with her, I forgot the diluted humalog. I had regular strength humalog with me, Carter’s meter and everything else… but no diluted humalog, which is what he uses if he is using injections instead of the pump (which he wasn’t, at the time, in my defense). So I was told I should create a checklist of what to make sure I do not leave the house without… ever! I figured I should share since so much time and effort went into this!


So if your child is only doing injections, here is the checklist for you:


  • syringes
  • alcohol wipes
  • insulin (regular strength or diluted, like us)
  • blood glucose meter
  • test strips
  • lancing device
  • lancets
  • used needle container (anything that can be secured and unable to be punctured) We bought ours on Amazon and dispose of full containers at the hospital
  • blood ketone meter (if you have one)
  • blood ketone strips and/or urine strips
  • glucose gel or fast acting sugar for potential lows
  • low carb and/or protein filled snacks


If you’ve got a kiddo on a pump, your checklist includes everything shown above PLUS:

  • pump site change materials in case of pump failure


If you have a child on a Constant Glucose Monitor, like we do, you also need to add:

  • additional sensor in case of sensor failure or error
  • Bluetooth device that sensor broadcasts to: for us, it’s an old iPhone


So as we can all gather from the crazy amount of materials needed on these lists, traveling is not taken lightly anymore (if it ever was…?) From various Facebook groups, Amazon reviews and chats with other parents, I’ve seen various suggestions on what type of bag works best for all of these materials, if they don’t fit into your purse. I haven’t gotten one just yet, though I did buy a “Myabetic” case, which is wonderful. It’s small and compact yet fits all of my current diabetes management necessities in it. It currently hosts Carter’s meter, test strips, lancing device, lancets, alcohol wipes, new syringes and a sleeved vial of diluted humalog. I also have a spare lancing device and lancets in another pocket. Definitely a must have!


What are your ‘must haves’ for Diabetes management? Any recommendations for bags, etc.?


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