So one of my claims to fame is my clumsiness. Apparently, clumsiness and diabetes management do NOT go well together! So far in the past 6 weeks, I’ve dropped and shattered 2 vials of insulin. One was regular strength Humalog, the other was our self-diluted Diluted Humalog. Thankfully, we’ve always filled all of our prescriptions on time, whether we needed them right then or not, so we had backups for scenarios like this. Ironically, I logged onto Facebook the same night I dropped another vial out of the refrigerator’s butter compartment to find in a Diabetes group that someone had just done the exact same thing. So… I learned something that night! They actually make coozies/sleeves for medicine vials! For $9 on Amazon, you can buy a sleeve for the insulin, which I’ve now done.  It also has the added benefit of helping to distinguish which vial I’m grabbing to dose from. Because unfortunately, and if it hasn’t happened to you yet I promise it will, I have dosed from the wrong medicine vial before. So the bright, neon green sleeve that I now have slipped around the diluted humalog I carry around keeps it safe if it slips from the carrying case, off the table, etc. Link can be found below!! They come in various sizes and colors, I’m so glad I found them!




Medicine Vial Sleeves!


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